Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about OnlineLocum?

Our pay rates. Our open policy, whereby we put locums directly in touch with hospitals. Private agencies select which doctors they offer which hospitals. We let hospitals peruse our database directly. Once we have checked a doctor's credentials we allow them to peruse the jobs directly too. Other websites run by the agencies might only give vague indications of where the jobs are. We tell you precisely which hospital and who to contact if you are interested. Because we do not charge a commission to the hospital, we don't mind if you contact them directly, or vice versa. No concealment, no spin and no sales talk. We don't spend money on incentives. We just give you the best jobs and the best rates of pay.

Who can register?

Any doctor registered with the GMC can register with our service.

How do I register?

The quickest way is to complete the online registration form on this website. It takes less than 2 minutes: Click on "Register".